PlayJam Case Study

PlayJam, based in the UK, is the world's leading social games network on television. We worked closely with PlayJam's management team to architect and co-develop their social gaming portal in a record 3-month time!

Who Wants to be A Millionaire?
We worked very closely with game provider Ladbrokes JPM, based in the UK to bring "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire", "Hang Man", "News Time", and "Battleships" to PlayJam.
We tied in our platform seamlessly with Facebook's 500M user-base. Facebook user's can challenge their friends to a private tournament, earn PlayJam credits for playing and they can compete for each month's prize giveaways.
Cross Platform Architecture
With our custom platform, integrating any up and coming technology is easy. PlayJam initially requested only an online-presence and TV integration. Early on in the design phase we recommended mobile and social integration. It was a year later when PlayJam recognized the opportunity with the world's largest social network - Facebook. It was a joy integrating both additional platforms in a week's time.
On The Cloud
To be able to deploy a reliable and scalable solution, Binarytech decided to use Amazon's EC2 and S3 cloud platform. At a time when EC2 was in its early infancy stages, we tackled the challenge head on. Time was of essence and we were up to the challenge. We were estatic when our PHP, MySQL and SSL certificate services functioned flawlessly. Nevertheless,this was not without a battle. We prevailed!
Custom eWallet
Binarytech created a custom virtual currency coined 'PlayJam Dollars'. User's can earn PJ Dollars by playing games, leveling up, or by simply purchasing purchasing them. The reason for purchasing is to play Pay-to-Play games from 3rd party game provider JPM. Additionally, virtual items are in the works. We worked closely with MPP on creating a seamless user experience and custom solution.
Custom Analytics
We created our own custom analytics system to measure user activity. From the time a user visits the web portal or initiates a game on TV, we track use-case paths and time spent on any specific area.
Custom Ad Server
We created a custom ad-serving platform to serve pre-roll based on the user's geographic location. This helped provide an additonal revenue stream and create a compelling platform for potential Series A funding in late 2011, early 2012.
Binarytech created an engaging platform feature to manage monthly public and private tournaments.
Our leaderboard system manages each month who is number one overall, per game, per tournaments, and per country.